The second day of our epic ride took us through magnificent countryside, vast fields, stunning mountains and surprised us with three flat tires (not surprising given the fact that a section of our ride was on gravel). All this along the classic Milano–Sanremo route.

Passing Novi Ligure we visited Museo dei Campionissimi (Bicycle museum) where we had a chance to take a close look at the history of the bicycle and examine closely some of the bikes of famous cyclists from distant and not-so-distant times.

Crossing the mountains (beating our previous day's top speed on descent) we arrived to the coast of the Mediterranean at a small town named Voltri – the same name one of our riders bears – and continued along the coastline up to our hotel at Celle Ligure.

Our riders are keeping up exceptionally well, be they riding on carbon or heavy steel and regardless of the kilometres they've cycled this year. Kalev, the cameraman of TV3 who is accompanying us with tv journalist Mart Mardisalu has been keeping up exceptionally well, especially given the fact that his total kilometrage before Exporide this year was a solid and round zero. Nil. Nothing. And from nothing comes something!

We've been meeting what must be tens of cyclists along the way – fast, stylish and Italian, men and women from really young to around 70-year-olds.

The coastline, by the way, is very beautiful.

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