Slowly but surely things were getting more serious for our third day on the road.
The piles of food on the plates at the hotel’s breakfast table were getting higher, hinting large amounts of yesterday’s burned calories, complimenting some equally burned skin.

Today's planned route is going to introduce us to two iconic climbs well-known to everyone following cycling as a sport. Poggio and Cipressa climbs have selected boys from men since 1907 Milano-Sanremo classic first rolled out.

And today was not going to be any different.

The quantity of unshaven legs in our small peloton still remaining a few too many, nothing was hinting the fireworks to come as soon as the road started kicking up.

Seeing 30-year old steel Colnagos pushing uphill at speeds unseen since the golden days of EPO abuse, must have brought back some vivid memories to locals witnessing our hasty yet majestic ascents.

So, apparently there are too types of riders in our group - the strong ones… and even stronger ones.

We farewelled the daylight with a splendid dinner on the beach at the outskirts of Sanremo, prepared by Milanese master chefs and complimented with some nice Estonian wine... made in Italy from Ligurian grapes.

Some of us just might have had a Limoncello (or two) before calling it a day - a tough day in the saddle definitely deserves a silver lining.

Quoting Sean Kelly (himself victorious in Sanremo on two occasions): “There are definitely some sore legs out there today”. True that.

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