Our sixth day cycling got us from Dogliani to Turin through Bra (yes, it's a real place). It was short, but it wasn't easy. Hot weather made it a real nightmare, which got worse when Tarmo had two flats. There is nothing worse than 45 ºC under the straight sun, no wind and just sitting and waiting for the tube to be changed to move on. 

But we made it to Turin and before landing at our hostel, we visited famous former Fiat test track, which is on top of the old Fiat factory. This was amazing. 

Short riding day gave us the opportunity to visit a hipsteresque bicycle workshop-cafe Pai Bikery, with old Campagnolo parts hanging everywhere. 

Villu and Tarmo really loved this place.

After that we went to Open Baladin, a real hipster gathering place, to try Italian craft beer and witness Italian barkeepers tasting Estonian craft beer and we also had some tasty burgers. 

To end the night, we wanted ice-cream. It must have been the best ice-cream we've ever had, I still feel its perfect texture and and taste in my mouth.

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