After a night in a lousy hostel in Turin ghetto, compared to our previous nights, it was time to start moving again. What was really  interesting about that hotel, was the breakfast. When you wanted to slather Nutella on your slice of bread, a man started to scream and showed that first you have to slather it on a plate, and then from there to a slice of bread. I guess you learn something new every day.

The last day on the road started with elevated spirits… and elevated temperatures. The ride, spanning all the way from Turin to Milan, was going to be extremely hot even by Italian standards, with the heat hovering around 37 degrees Celsius in shade. The breaks in the sun and on tarmac were surely going to be just shy of unbearable.

Soon it was clear that the only way to get ventilated was to keep moving with as little stops as possible, and that is exactly what we did. The pace was definitely on right after leaving the outskirts of Turin and stayed so for the majority of the day, averaging well over 30km per hour for the whole 150 kilometers.

Halfway we had a nice break at a roadside establishment boasting about a restaurant and swimming pools. What more can you ask for on a day like this? Some of us instantly grabbed the opportunity to show off their toned bodies at the pool while others were busy appreciating cold Coke and free wifi in the relative chill of the restaurant.

With bellies full of yummy pasta and after one quick pit-stop later, we reached Milan without any major issues. EXPORIDE was finally finished!