Our butts were sore from the 150km of the first day, we all sat on our bikes to begin our journey along the biggest islands in Estonia, Hiiumaa and Saaremaa.

First we had to ride to the port of Rohuküla to take a ferry to Hiiumaa. Of course we had to do a selfie with an old manor.

Mirror sea on that morning. From left to right - Velonia, Pelago, Litespeed.

On the ferry it was time to edit some pictures and make sure the blog is up.

Our hot Peugeot off the Regula ferry.

Hiiumaa greeted us with beautiful fields and quiet roads.

We decided that it's time to ride our first gravel segment.

Fueled by SIS

And as usual, gravel took it's first victim.

Others were enjoying coffee and cake, while Ailar was repairing his tire.

But Kõpu is a must if you are on Hiiumaa Island.

While the boys were at Kõpu, Elisa was enjoying nature (and bus stations).

And then we arrived to Sõru, so that ferry could take us to our next stop which would be Leisi (we we're looking forward to be a bit lazy).

and finally it was time to celebrate and be "Leisi".

and last but not least, Strava summary of the day.
Written by: Ailar Väärtmaa