Why we call it the rest day? Read from our last blog.

It would not had been a real restday, with a camera, so unfortunately, we forgot to recharge our good friend - small GoPro camera, which has been responsible for pictures. That meant, we only able to use our poor telephone cameras. 

First stop was at Saadjärve bicycle garden. The cradle of Estonian bicycling. There was a dirt velodrome here built back in 1896. Cycling has been part of our culture for a long time.

Kristo with our bikes and street art by Edward von Lõngus at Palamuse.

There are over 1400 lakes in Estonia, this is one of them.

We arrived to East-Virumaa, the most eastern county in Estonia, Avinurme was close.

To keep the story of rest day short, here's the Strava summary, as you can see we made a wrong turn and the day turned out not so short...