Islands were nice, but it was time to continue our journey and ride back to the mainland. But as always, cyclists start their day with a coffee.

and whilst some were preparing breakfast, Ailar was checking his Velonia's prototype titanium road bike.

100% handcrafted in Estonia.

But enough of admiring bikes, it was time to start moving again

Sea is always close...

...and forests are nice.

The first stop was at Orissaare, where a is a famous oak. On the football field.

After that it was time to ride to Muhu Island, which is accessible by road connecting Saaremaa and Muhu.

Our Peugeot 508 RXH has served us nicely!

Nature is blooming!

You can't visit Muhu without visiting Pädaste Manor. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed, so we were unable to get some coffee, but we still enjoyed some carbs by SIS.

Time to get on a ferry back to the mainland, but before some snacks and beverages.

and after the ferry, 50 kilometers to go!

after arrival to Vaiste it was time to take some SIS REGO recovery drink and move on to sauna.

the ride on Strava:
Written by: Ailar Väärtmaa