Day after rest day started well. Our legs were happy, sauna and good food worked well. But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Headwind was the keyword of the day.
Elisa started 20 minutes before the boys and she was happy!

The road was quite boring for the first time, Audru was the first interesting place to take a picture. Ailar posing.

Then we cycled to Pärnu, for some good bakery and coffee. Our surprise was huge when Urmas, our driver told us, that Elisa has not arrived yet. We didn't pass her, so she had to make a wrong turn. When she got to Pärnu, we found out that she had taken the route through villages, which was 10 kilometers longer, but much prettier!

Selfie time again.

Horrible headwind combined with super-boring roads made the day super hard, both physically and mentally. SIS kept us going.

Elisa wasn't feeling great, so at one point she decided to let us go, so she could ride in her own pace. 

In the end the environment got better. Beautiful Estonia was back.

It was time to take a selfie with "Äriküla" sign. Äriküla means "business village".

But in the end...we made it to Taagepera, that meant it was time for some SIS Rego recovery drink, strawberry taste is our favourite. Bear in mind that beer is also important!

Titanium rocks. Litespeed from US and prototype Velonia from Estonia.

And Elisa got to Taagepera too, she had ridden 10 kilometers more than us...

...but her knee wasn't feeling good, so she decided to quit Exporide 2016. We took a goodbye picture and sent her home.

Ailar showed us his tire changing skills, nice haircut and pretty face.

Dinner is very important fot us so the most important member of the team Urmas takes really good care of the riders. He's a directeur sportif, car driver and a chef in one person.

It was a hard day, but next one was even harder!

Strava summary of the day.

Written by: Ailar Väärtmaa