If you ask us, which day was hardest, then Taagepera to Pältre was it. 150 kilometers of headwind and almost 1000 meters of ascent. Thank god the nature around us was so beautiful, that kept us going!

All started in Taagepera.

Two horses next to each other.

Can you tell who's on those windows?

The first burgers of our trip.

On this day it should have been the midpoint of our trip. No turning back! We had to capture it with a selfie.

Another selfie, to celebrate visiting Latvia.

An abandoned soviet gas station.

Ailar being not happy, due to squicky sounds from headsets

There were some big motocross racers held here once upon a time. What happened?

National Geographic shot, maybe the first one ever with bikes on it?

Actually, it was quite hard...

Haanja is one of the capitals for cross-country skiing, which is a national sport here in Estonia.

That bartape needed re-wrapping, great activity for the next morning!

But as you know, we finally made it to Pältre!

...tired but happy!

If it it's not on Strava, it doesn't excist:
Written by: Ailar Väärtmaa