This day should have been 170km, but after 250km in a headwind, there wasn't nothing left in our legs to go for 170km, so we had to change our plans.

We decided to split the ride, so instead of 170km in one day we would do 110 km on the first day and 100km on the second day, which had to be "rest day".

Morning started with re-installing my bartape, because I had done it poorly the night before Exporide.

But it was time to start enjoying nice roads of South-Estonia with tailwind. This was probably the most pleasuring day of them all.

This day was super important, because we met a drone that was made long before they were popular. Soviet airdrone prototype bus station.

Another National Geographic sign...very sour faces, maybe because of the high speeds?

In Põlva we visited very nice burger place. Urmas was visiting a carwash, and we only had 5€ with us, and the lady was so polite to help us out, we were 20 cents too short, to get some burgers and coffee. When the car finally came, we tipped them well. Moral of the story - humanity is not dead!

And because we were in love with gravel, this day was no different.

Our lovely Peugeot RXH 508.

It was time for last SIS Protein Bar and then Tartu!

Some posing in Tartu and the day was finished.

Strava summary of the day.
Written by: Ailar Väärtmaa