We had suffered enough. After this day, we could turn our handlebars towards Tallinn. But before, we had 115 kilometers of beautiful (and not so beautiful East-Virumaa).

Breakfast is the most important meal for our riders.

What's in it? Porridge is the most import ingredient. And coffee. Don't forget coffee.

What a luxury...we had morning TV.

Bike clean, bottles filled with SIS GO drink.

It was time to get back on the saddle. The truck on the backround - Kristo used to ride same model when he was in driving school 20 years ago.

Velonia Titanium prototype and Peugeot 508 RXH match quite well.

The need for coffee made my hands shake, so the picture was a bit blurry.

Our on-board view was still pretty awesome.

This is the beautiful side of East-Virumaa.

...and once upon a time Estonia was quite religious. We have some nice monasterys to prove it.

After that came the horrible side of East-Virumaa. Tallinn-Narva highway which is one of the biggest in Estonia was not the best to ride on, due to huge trucks passing us 100 km/h, so we tried to avoid it where it was possible, but the reality was a bit different. Reality was gravel and it got worse.

But atleast we got some amazing views again. Biggest limestone cliffs in Estonia.

After that it was approximately 25 kilometers of Tallinn-Narva highway, and lovely Noorus luxury SPA was waiting for us. 

Our vision was as blurry as this picture. We had been waiting long time for this, Noorus SPA lobby bar treated us well.

But world ain't all beer and bikes. We also had to do some work. We had to make sure, that the pictures were nicely stored so we're able to provide you with good quality stuff.

The balcony of our Junior Suite was huge. Leg's up and enjoy the view.

The view to Baltic Sea combined with this sunset was literally amazing.

Our legs had grown a bit within those 8 days.

After the work was done it was time to enjoy ourselves a bit. SPA means water. And there is plenty of water at Noorus SPA.

GoPro let's you take ugly underwater selfies too...

Even a beer inside sauna with a seaview. Is there a way to go back there now?

After some great SPA experience, it was time to get back to our room. As you can see, exhaustion is written on our faces.

Written by: Ailar Väärtmaa